It's already been 6 months since Hastings in Victoria closed it's doors forever. Now the former home of the entertainment giant sits empty. But what would be a good fit to move into the space? I have a couple of ideas.

1. Indoor Gun Range

Let's face it, Victoria doesn't have much in the way of gun ranges. I'm not over zealous when it comes to gun ownership but I do own a couple of handguns and it would be nice to have a place to shoot every once in awhile and the building would be a good fit. It's big enough, it's out of the elements, and I think there would be a big want for something like that in this area.

2. A Live Events Venue

True, Victoria has a few live events venues in town but the Hastings building could be a welcomed addition offering more room than Two-Step but not as big as the Fine Arts Center. Would be a perfect place to host an indoor concert with concessions or even the yearly Comic Con. Perhaps sponsored events? The possibilities are endless. I mean sure, we won't attract bands like Def Leppard or Aerosmith but it would be a big enough venue to host more Austin/San Antonio/Houston based bands and could really open up the local music scene. If you've ever been to Fitzgerald's in Houston, you know what I'm talking about.

3. An Indoor Farmer's Market

We all know the local farmer's markets are widely popular but what happens on days where there is inclement weather? Most of the time the event gets rained out or canceled altogether. Well, if there were an indoor place to hold farmer's markets there would never be a need to cancel. And everyone can shop for their fresh, homegrown produce without getting soaked or freeze to death. It could work and I believe it would be hugely successful.

4. An Indoor Dog Park

Something Victoria sorely needs is a dog park. There are tons of apartment dwelling dog owners in this town and they don't always have access to a yard to run free. Buying the building and turning it into an indoor dog park would make perfect sense. Charge a yearly membership fee and you can take your dog anytime you want. And homeowners who have yards, it would be a great place to bring your furry friends to socialize and play with other dogs. If done right, this could work and be a big hit.

5. Big Box Music Store

There is a big market for this here. With the number of live bands and live event DJ's we have in this town, how a store like Guitar Center hasn't cashed in is beyond me. Hastings would make a perfect location for Guitar Center. Instruments and DJ equipment galore! It might even bring out more musicians and DJ's which will energize the live music scene even further. Plus, local band members and DJ's could staff it too. Your workforce is already right here, you just have to bring the business.


What we don't need is another gym or Mexican restaurant...God knows this city is full of them. Or another grocery store (with Aldi's opening up we'll have 6...that's enough variety) or another night club. We need something this town has been needing for a long time. If you have any ideas, I'm all ears.

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