Otters!!! Yes, otter fans that live in Houston today is your day!  I was a bit creeped out at first because at first look it looked like a big snakes.  I'm not a snake fan.  Otters, however, I'm a fan! From way back when Emmit Otter had his "Jug Band Christmas"  to my kids watching "PB&J Otter" in the early days of Disney Junior, I always thought otters were pretty cool. Apparently a lot of Houstonians do to, on my friend Chris Alan's Houstonians facebook page there were plenty of great "Get otter here! Sorry, couldn’t help myself. lol Pretty cool. Wonder how they got here."  Other folks just enjoyed the cuteness with comments like "Omgggggg i love this so much" and  "I Want One."

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Since you read this far, here's a couple of interesting otter facts. One, some otters hold hands while sleeping. Two, otters eat a lot. Otters can eat up to 33 percent of their body weight each day. Otters can also swim about 7 miles an hour.  That's pretty good for a small animal. Baby otters are called pups. Female otters are called sows. Male otters are boars. Ok, I'll stop the otter facts and let's ge two the main attraction - the video. Houstonian David Armendariz captured the two otters frolicking in the water. He sent the video in to his favorite tv station.  And, KHOU TV Channel 11 in H-town shared the video on YouTube.  And now we all have it to enjoy! Go otters!


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