It was waaaay back, long before the internet, cell phones and digital music. It was so long ago, there wasn't even a radio format called 'classic' rock, because that's what was current at the time. Can you tell yet that I'm old?

I have seen a lot of bands in my day, having grown up in Detroit we had pretty much all the major artists playing in town. Now, it has been a lot of years, and that far back the memories aren't as sharp as they used to be but, back in 1974 I was in junior high school and that's when my live music experiences began.

One of my earliest concerts was a guitar slinger out of Texas by the name of Johnny Winter. He used to get plenty of airplay back in the day, I loved what I heard, and a good friend of mine who happened to be old enough to drive who also loved him so, we got tickets when we heard he was on tour. Needless to say, we were blown away by the show. I can't even remember who opened the show but, I will always remember how awesome it was. Johnny Winter has put out some great music over the years, and he never disappointed live. I was fortunate enough to see him several times after that, too. He will always be one of my guitar heroes.

What was your first concert?

Bonus: Here's is some Johnny Winter live video. Enjoy!

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