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If you still had to go to work this week in Victoria you probably felt pretty lonely at times as most people bailed due to the weather, with some businesses closing because the guy next door closed also.  While some places probably could have remained open and continued to provide services, most folks went with the safe option of closing.

Through power outages, driving down Navarro in almost pitch black conditions around 5 am when your radio DJs are headed to work with no working stoplights, and now a lack of water pressure all over town, it's been a week!

When lunchtime came around the last couple of days, you probably also felt pretty hungry as very little remained open for Victorians to get a hot meal. Well, it's time to applaud the staff at Whataburger on Navarro. Both Monday and Tuesday, the line of cars opting to wait for one of the few places that stayed open grew and grew until it circled the location and stretched on down the street.

Like many cities, Victoria's few fast food options that remained open were swamped by customers who not only wanted food for themselves, but many of the orders I overheard were food runs for the entire neighborhood. It was crazy. Do we all know that the line is not gonna move if everyone wants 8 or 9 combos? I waited in line a little over 45 minutes for a number 1 with a tea and I may have been the only person who ordered food for one. The person in front of me needed 9 patty melts and 9 large fries, oh, and 1 large coffee. This is why the lines are not moving friends. What else can people do? The options are limited.

So some customers streamed videos while they say in line, I saw one man reading the newspaper over his steering wheel, and then I noticed something else. If most places are closed, how did the Whataburger folks make it to work? I noticed only 2 cars in the parking lot (the cafe was closed), and only saw two or three people inside trying to do all the work themselves.

Thank you, Victoria, Whataburger, for powering through. This week has not been easy, and I'm sure the customers have been less than patient, but these guys are serving up order after order as best they can when others decided to stay closed.

This is part of why Texans have an undying love for Whataburger. Maybe we can find an extra Townie Award for the extreme dedication! Thanks so much, you guys! You know who you are.

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