Everybody loves tacos and there are lots of places in Victoria to find them. but who's got the best? Of course, only you can judge for yourself which you like best but, based on reviews posted on Yelp, here are the Top 10. Keep in mind, these are brick and mortar places, and no food trucks were reviewed here.

#1 is La Cabana

One reviewer had this to say:

for a tiny hole in the wall restaurant that one would pass over (unless they'd read yelp) this place is FABULOUS!

We wanted to take it all in so we got enchiladas, tacos, chalupa, taquitos, and a hamburger. Seriously, we threw the munch.

Hamburger was fresh and hot off the grill and had homemade bread, chalupa and tacos were super fresh and the veggies cold (just like I like them). Taquitos were yummy and made right before serving, not sitting all day.

The rice was a little bland but with the punch of flavors elsewhere it more than made up for it.

I've never been there but, I will visit soon. Now, what about the rest of the Top 10?

So many great tacos, so little time to try them all!

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