Don't Mess with Whataburger

Through all the craziness in the world, there is always a line you just don't cross. One of those things being: don't get disrespectful in a Texas Whataburger; it just ain't right.

However, sometimes rules get broken, it just hurts, ya know? A TikTok video caught an encounter at a San Antonio Whataburger visitor. TikTok user @_mauiwowie_ posted a video he took of a young lady one night at a local San Antonio Whataburger.

attachment-She disregarded the most sacred place in Texas Blasphemy we must contact the council (1)

The video shows a young lady yelling at a worker as she walked out of Whataburger. She could be heard yelling "You're gonna work here forever, broke a** ***" as she walked out the door. She turns back inside only to yell more obscene things then proceeds to throw her large drink in the restaurant.

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Things Began To Escalate

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The video shifts outside where the girl can be seen running to her car. On her way, she heard someone say, "Get the license plate" and things began to escalate.

People gathered around and attempted to get her license plate however she blocked the back of her car where she continued to yell profanities at everyone.

With Fists Clenched

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Then out of nowhere the young lady sprints towards the person recording, with her fists clenched, and knocks the phone out of his hands. Ultimately, the phone was cracked.

Interestingly enough, the girls Instagram bio reads, "I ain’t fixing nobodies phone 😂🖕🏻🖕🏻💋." Tons of people seemed to be able to recognize her off TikTok and many said her actions weren't surprising at all.

Future Consequences

Turns out the girl is actually from a sorority at UTSA. Although the video is a bit older, the Delta Chapter of Alpha Sigma Rho took to social media to make an official statement about the situation. Turns out, dumb actions might have future consequences.

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