Police sure are thirsty to find this guy.

A man decked out like a Coca-Cola bottle held up a Rally's restaurant in Henderson, Ky. earlier this week.

Who needs a ski mask when carbonation will hide your identity?

The man, who was carrying a gun, walked into the store establishment  shortlybefore 7 a.m. and made off with $500. The robbery took place before the eatery opened. The manager was the only employee on hand and he was not hurt.

The suspect is still on the loose, although authorities hope surveillance video may help apprehend him.

As for why he was sporting a Coke bottle, police believe it may have been some Halloween costume.

The whole matter comes with a bundle of questions: why did he Mountain Dew it? When he's arrested, will cops say he has the Sprite to remain silent? Will they send him 7 Up the river?

Ugh, we just hope that if he ever needs a lawyer, he's more clever than we are.

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