Attention Texas holiday shippers! Ensure your gifts make it under the tree by Christmas with these crucial shipping deadlines for 2023. The Postal Service is your go-to for reliable deliveries, and here are the key dates to remember:

The following dates are the recommended shipping deadlines for expected delivery before Dec. 25.


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If you are shipping within the Contiguous U.S., here are the deadlines.

  • USPS Ground Advantage 5-Day Shipping: Saturday, Dec. 16
  • USPS Ground Advantage 4-Day Shipping: Monday, Dec. 18
  • USPS Ground Advantage 3-Day Shipping: Tuesday, Dec. 19
  • USPS Ground Advantage 2-Day Shipping: Wednesday, Dec. 20
  • First-Class Mail 5-Day Mailing: Saturday, Dec. 16
  • First-Class Mail 4-Day Mailing: Monday, Dec. 18
  • First-Class Mail 3-Day Mailing: Tuesday, Dec. 19
  • First-Class Mail 2-Day Mailing: Wednesday, Dec. 20

To see a full list of options and dates visit the USPS, CLICK HERE.


Photo by Bannon Morrissy on Unsplash
Photo by Bannon Morrissy on Unsplash

If you're relying on FedEx to deliver your packages before Christmas Day, mark these dates on your calendar:

FedEx Ground Shipping Dates:

  • FedEx Ground 5-Day Shipping: Friday, Dec. 15
  • FedEx Ground 4-Day Shipping: Monday, Dec. 18
  • FedEx Ground 3-Day Shipping: Tuesday, Dec. 19
  • FedEx Ground 2-Day Shipping: Wednesday, Dec. 20
  • FedEx Ground 1-Day Shipping: Thursday, Dec. 21
  • FedEx Ground Economy: Wednesday, Dec. 13

FedEx Home Delivery Shipping Dates:

  • FedEx Home Delivery 5-Day Shipping: Friday, Dec. 15
  • FedEx Home Delivery 4-Day Shipping: Monday, Dec. 18
  • FedEx Home Delivery 3-Day Shipping: Wednesday, Dec. 20
  • FedEx Home Delivery 2-Day Shipping: Thursday, Dec. 21
  • FedEx Home Delivery 1-Day Shipping: Friday, Dec. 22
  • FedEx Express Same Day: Friday, Dec. 22


  • 3-Day Select: Tuesday, Dec. 19
  • 2nd Day Air: Wednesday, Dec. 20
  • Next Day Air: Thursday, Dec. 21

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