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4 Texas Roadhouse Teens Killed In Car Submerged in Lake

The city of Fort Myers, Florida has been devastated by the news that five of its teens have perished in a car crash found submerged in water, four of the victims were Texas Roadhouse employees.

A parent's worst nightmare and a tragic accident

It's a parent's worst nightmare and for the families of the five teens who crashed their vehicle into a retention pond off Top Golf Way, near Colonial Boulevard, sometime between 10 p.m. Sunday and early Monday morning, the entire community mourns alongside them.

Investigators continue to look for answers

Authorities are trying to piece together the events that ended the lives of the teens, some of whom had just graduated from high school, and offered that life-saving measures were taken as soon as the wreckage was pulled from the water, all to no avail. "The investigation is in its very infancy. We’re still completing an investigation, so there’s not a whole lot of details we can provide as far as the mechanisms or what happened at the moment, so that’s still ongoing.” FMPD detective Kyle Martin says in a report by Winknews.

Here is one of the videos offered on YouTube regarding the fatal accident from Fox4.

The frantic parents of the missing teens started to call Ft. Myers police around four in the morning after realizing all five teens were not home from their Sunday night drive.

Texas Roadhouse responds

The Ft. Myers Texas Roadhouse immediately responded by closing its doors for the day and raising its flags at half-mast.

Flowers have been placed at the wreck site as the police continue to investigate while the community tries to make sense of losing five of their own when their lives as adults were just beginning.


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