H-E-B Parking Lot Threat

A Corpus Christi woman was taken into custody Tuesday, November 30th after a warrant was issued for her arrest. Police charged 60-year-old Rossie Dennis with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Dennis had allegedly pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot a victim over a parking space at H-E-B in Corpus Christi. A video captured the moment a gun was pulled out and then the internet took over.

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Reddit to the Rescue

A Reddit user posted a screenshot of the altercation. The image had a clear shot of Dennis pointing the gun at the driver. The post caught a lot of attention and eventually landed in the police station.

Many users were commenting on her clear misuse of her 2nd amendment right. Others pointed out the irony of her heart-shaped American flag shirt and what looks like a gold cross necklace dangling from her neck.

A Baby Inside

One of the worst parts of the Reddit post is the original user claimed Dennis pointed the gun at a woman who had her 6-month-old baby inside her vehicle.

Thanks to Reddit and the clear as day screenshot, Dennis's misuse of a handgun landed her in a jail cell with a $60,000 bond tied to her case.

I know bad parking jobs are no stranger to this area, however, I find them quite hilarious. Pulling a gun is one thing but hey I can take a picture and have a laugh. Check out these photos of my co-workers at Townsquare Media and friends who have been caught red-handed by Pooks!


Bad Parking at Townsquare

attachment-Untitled design - 2021-12-01T132514.602

I can only assume this coworker was busy making sales he couldn't park straight.

attachment-Untitled design - 2021-12-01T132702.671

Honestly, I don't even know what is up with this one. I guess when you want to be a mail car you have to improvise.

attachment-Untitled design - 2021-12-01T132640.429

Yikes, I'm not excluded from this.

attachment-Untitled design - 2021-12-01T132730.261

How do you even end up at this angle?

attachment-Untitled design - 2021-12-01T132719.622

Ah, yes. A repeat offender I see.


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