The Cowboys have run their course and have been booted from the playoffs. Texas oozes with Cowboy fans and the loss was hard to watch. However, for the Cowboy haters, the game was just what they have been waiting for.

The Cowboys goofed up, plain and simple and there were just two reactions, painful screaming or painfully loud laughing. You know what happens when a highly loved team loses right? The internet steps up to the mic for a full-on roast.

The game was so back it was distressing to watch. They did good in the first quarter sucked in the 2nd, sucked again in the 3rd, did good in the 4th, then lost it all in the end.

Blame it on the play, blame it on the coaches, or just blame it on bad luck; regardless it doesn't matter, a loss is a loss. Don't think the Cowboys are immune to online shenanigans. Twitter wasted no time and blew up with a site with hilarious memes roasting the Cowboys.

One of the most hilarious observations during the game was that Tony Romo himself was in the CBS booth calling the game. Things look pretty familiar since Romo played plenty of failed playoff games for the Cowboys back in his day.

Let's just point out the elephant in the room. Can we talk about the bull-like tackle from the Cowboys defensive lineman Randy Gregory? A catastrophic hit that just handed the 49ers a pivotal first down in the fourth quarter.

Anyways...GO FALCONS!

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