If you've watched the news or paid attention to social media of late, then you know how strongly people feel about voting in the midterm election. While the official election day is Tuesday, November 6th, early voting is going on around the country with large turnouts, and Victoria County is no exception.

According to the Victoria County Elections Office, 1,500 people voted yesterday, bringing the total number of early voters in the county to 4,545. mail-in ballots sent out number at 3,087 with 2,169 received so far.

Early voting can be done at the Dr. Pattie Dodson Public Health Center at 2805 N. Navarro St.. Residents can also cast their votes Saturday at Victoria Builder's Supply at 5301 N. John Stockbauer, the DaCosta Volunteer Fire Department at 144 Commerce Ave. in Da Costa, and at Bloomington Elementary School at 200 N. Leonard St. in Bloomington.

Bring your ID when you go to the polls. Accepted forms include a valid driver license, personal ID card, handgun carry license, U.S. military ID, U.S. citizenship certificate, or a U.S. passport.

For more information, contact the Victoria County Elections Office at 361-576-0124.

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