Has there been illegal voting in Victoria County? That's what the Texas Secretary of State wants to find out, following an advisory released last week that asks Texas counties to double-check some registered voters citizenship status.

The original advisory indicated that checks were needed on 95,000 voters in the state, 128 of which are registered in Victoria County. Now, officials say in Victoria County, only 99 voters need to be checked.

Meanwhile, in Lavaca County, the Secretary of State's Office originally said 19 voters information needed to be checked but now, they say only 11 need to be checked.

The state office said those 95,000 voters were at one time not legal U.S. citizens and may have been mistakenly registered to vote when they applied for a driver's license or Texas state ID card. Officials say that as many as 58,000 people on the list have gone to the polls to vote in elections since 1996.

According to the advisory, county elections officials will mail a 'notice of examination' to those in question, who will then have 30 days to prove citizenship, or be removed from voter rolls.

Read more about this story in the Victoria Advocate.

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