It's high time to celebrate all of the good coming through our Crossroads community. We've partnered with Roks Diesel to recognize businesses and individuals who are doing good deeds in the Crossroads. Get onboard the Love Train Victoria!

No ticket needed! Just let us know what business or individual you want us to recognize. It's that easy! Toot toot Love Train Baby!

Just like Platinum Home Investments putting together a donor drive-thru to gather emergency items needed for East Texas and Lousiana after Hurricane Laura wreaked havoc on their communities.

If you wanted to participate all you needed to do was load your donated items in the back of your trunk, and meet them at 4104 Houston Highway where volunteers unload ed your donation and put it into the hands of those who needed it the most, East Texas and Louisiana. We could all get on board that act of kindness with the memory of Hurricane Harvey still fresh in our minds.

Or what about Honda of Victoria campaigning and giving away laptops to deserving VISD students who were lacking the technology they needed to be successful in school? Fifty students were nominated and ten received laptops!

The list goes on and we are betting we never run out of businesses or individuals in Victoria that we could recognize. But we will need your help to do it.

Help us blow the horn and get this train going through the Crossroads. LOVE TRAIN BABY! Just fill out who you would to nominate and why with your name and contact for more information. It's that easy! Waaaayyyy easier than navigating Grand Central Station for sure!

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Thank you Roks Diesel for making sure this train gets to its destination!

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