Shelly Lares' farewell 'Legacy Tour' is coming up at Schroeder Hall on Friday, June 10th, 2022! Tickets are on sale now.  This will be her final year on the road as she moves on to the next chapter in her life: nursing! Her legacy tour is accompanied by her final album entitled LMD82. Don't miss this very special night of Tejano music with Shelly Lares and her FINAL SHOW ever in the Victoria area! Be listening for another Tejano show announcement at Schroeder Hall, coming soon.


Tickets are $25 in advance and $30 the day of the show. (All ticket prices also include tax and fees on top of the base ticket price). Tickets are only available at the Schroeder Hall website under the events tab.  VIP tables will also be available for purchase and will include a table and admission for six into the VIP area. VIP tables are assigned based on the order of purchase. The first to purchase will get tables closest to the stage.

KLUB Tejano 106.9 will be in the house. JP will be mixing it up starting at 8 and Shelly will take the stage at 10 for a 2-hour set. JP will close out the night on the decks and he will also be throwing out KLUB Tejano 106.9 shirts into the crowd!

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Lares' 40 years in la Onda Tejana started back in 1982 and was coined Little Miss Dynamite for her many talents. Those are the two elements for her final album title: LMD82.  Shelly Lares feels that it is time to move forward in her life to serve people as a nurse. She will enroll in nursing school Spring of 2023. May God bless her on her new chapter in life and keep her safe on the road during her farewell tour.

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