Back on January 11th, 2022 at noon, we flipped the switch formats from Classic Rock 106.9 to KLUB Tejano 106.9 and your response has been absolutely incredible.  The first-ever song we played was "Vuelvo' by Joe Lopez, Jimmy Gonzalez Y Grupo Mazz. It was our goal to bring excitement to Tejano Radio and live Tejano shows while incorporating our social platforms and a state of the art App to bridge the FM signal with our new technologies to help bring Tejano to the next generation.

Our VIP shows bring you up close and personal with the biggest stars and have been a smash hit. Our very first VIP show featured Los Chamacos on January 28t and our latest show brought our VIPs up close and personal with Pio Trevino. We even did our first LIVE Tejano with Ruben Ramos back in August and we are just getting started!

Here is a full list of our VIP show for 2022:

  • Los Chamacos
  • Tejano Highway 281
  • Jorge Moreno,
  • La Calma,
  • Sunny Sauceda Y Todo Eso
  • La Fiebre
  • Ricardo Castillon Y La Differenzia,
  • Isaac DeLosSantos Y La Sangre Chicana,
  • Lucky Joe
  • Pio Trevino Y Majic 


Get ready for our KLUB Tejano 106.9 Birthday Bash on Friday, January 13th at Shooters Bar! Sharing the stage are David Lee Garza Y Los Musicales and Ram Herrera! Alongside epic Tejano entertainment, our midday host,  JP will be mixing it up and afternoon drive host, Bo Corona will be hosting the show. Tickets and tables go on sale Friday, December 9th. Ticket locations and website info will be announced at 10 AM on the morning of December 9th. 

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We can't wait for an exciting 2023 and to share so many big events that we will be bringing you. More VIP SHOWS and MORE LIVE SHOWS! Alongside numerous community events. Stay Tejano and Proud and thank you for becoming a part of KLUB Tejano 106.9.



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