Whether you consider Grupo Frontera Tejano or not, one thing is for sure!  They have exploded onto the music scene using collaborations and social media to their full extent. You can find many of their cumbias as commonly used sounds on Tiktok.  I personally do consider them Tejano and Proud because I feel that growing up in the Rio Grande Valley, they were heavily influenced by Tejano artists. So they are indeed a part of our Tejano and Proud culture.

Over the weekend, Grupo Frontera was performing in Fresno, California, and busted out an awesome Selena tribute and thanks to TikTok we have awesome videos of the performance.  It also appears that people in California love Selena too, judging by the response of the crowd!

@karla_jakziry Selena😍#grupofrontera #concierto ♬ original sound - Karla Jakziry


@kandyvega70 #grupofrontera @Grupo Frontera Oficial #fyp #concert #selenaquintanilla #bestnightever ♬ original sound - Kandy Vega

[VINTAGE FOOTAGE] When Emilio and Selena Represented Coca Cola

I love finding Tejano nostalgia and reliving the memories. This one takes us back to a time when Tejano music was really 'mainstream.' In the video, you see young Selena and Emilio representing Tejanos for one of the largest companies in the world, Coca-Cola! Selena signed with Coke when she was 18 after was spotted by a Coke representative in 1989 at the Tejano Music Awards. Check out her Coca-Cola commercial below.


Raquel Vasquez
Raquel Vasquez

Back in 1993, a rising Tejano star by the name of Selena made a stop at Riverside Convention Center.  IT WAS A SELL-OUT!  At the time of this concert in 1993, her biggest hits were 'La Carcacha,' and 'Como La Flor.' and that was enough for Headliner status and enough to sell out the Riverside.

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