It looks as if Hollywood could be headed to the Crossroads sometime in the near future.

Crossroads native Alice Duenez Soliz was diagnosed with a deadly case of endometriosis at an early age. But by the time she was diagnosed, the disease had already done some major damage to her body. Doctors tried everything they could think of but they just couldn't control the spread of the disease and her life was in jeopardy. happened. Soliz said a miracle from Jesus is what ultimately saved her life. Something she has decided to tell the world in her book "Alice The Cure" coming out this month.

Alice's story and testimony caught the attention of Hollywood Director Rick Reyna who has decided to film a movie about the entire experience. And he hopes to do so right here in Victoria. Reyna is working to obtain the proper permits to film in different areas of Victoria, including DeTar Hospital Navarro, where Alice is said to have experienced her miraculous healing.

Reyna is known for his direction of the movies "The Rally" and "The Rally-LA". He hopes to start shooting sometime in the fall.

Could put little ol Victoria on the map!

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