Struggling with Family Activity Ideas for Kids in the Crossroads?

Tons of parents struggle with what to do with their kids in the summer, and thanks to Victoria Parks and Recreation, we've got something new to do with them outdoors AND they can still keep their phones in their hands! 

What's the word, BIRD!

According to the latest City of Victoria Civic Alert, more than 200 species of native and migratory birds can be spotted in Victoria!

And this summer, Explore Victoria Texas is inviting residents to keep an eye out for ten birds that won’t fly away—and finding them could land you some nice birding gear.

Explore Victoria Texas is hosting the “Explore Victoria Birding I-Spy!” event to give residents a chance to learn more about the different species that can be found in Victoria.

Get your kids to look up before they down at their phones!

“Victoria is in a fantastic location for birding, and Riverside Park is attractive to birds with its ample space and natural waterway,” said Explore Victoria Texas Director Joel Novosad. “We hope this activity will create some new birders and give residents a fun way to learn about our local bird species.”

Sign Up with a Mobile Passport

After signing up for the mobile passport at, residents can travel to Riverside Park, where metal cutouts of ten types of local birds have been placed along a one-mile walking path that starts near the Memorial Rose Garden and ends within the Athey Nature Trail.

Let's Play!

Residents can use their cell phones to check in at each of the displays for a chance to win birding-themed prizes. Each check-in location counts as a separate entry. The prize drawing will be held in September.

Explore Victoria Birding I-Spy

The “Explore Victoria Birding I-Spy!” pass is powered by Bandwango, the same platform that Explore Victoria Texas uses for “Yule Love Shopping Victoria!” and the “Tacos & Margs Trail!”

For more information about events and attractions in Victoria, visit

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