Pack the beef jerky for the road trip.  Bon Jovi's concert will pipe into indoor and outdoor theaters around the country tomorrow, and we have some venues within driving distance.

Live music is back, and being at a show again is going to feel like nothing ever happened and we never missed a beat.  Or, it may feel like a big black hole just sucked away a year of our lives and we'll wonder where in the heck we've been.  Oh, right.  Perfecting banana nut muffin recipes and stockpiling toilet paper.  It's good to be back.

It seems like a new summer or fall tour is announced every five minutes now because the pandemic is lifting and the artists have missed us like crazy.  I am hearing that a few of them are forgetting the words and having trouble remembering their famous guitar riffs because it's been a while and there is some rust to shake off, but we will be so happy to be at a show we won't hold that against them.

Bon Jovi's Encore Nights concert was taped last month in their home state of New Jersey, and they'll stream it around the country Saturday, May 22nd at indoor and outdoor theaters.  The focus is on drive-in theaters, but a few performances have been added at indoor theaters too, and if you're up for a road trip it could make for the perfect date night this weekend.  Unless you're double-dating.  More than one couple in the car could make it awkward at the drive-in.

Texas drive-in theaters will host the show, along with select indoor theaters. None of the locations are in our right in our backyard, but it'll be a good excuse to pack some chips and energy drinks and hop on the road, and hit a Buc-ees or two along the way.  Depending on which way you want to go, movie theaters in Shreveport, Bossier City, and Mesquite will be showing the concert.  And drive-ins in Ennis, Hockley, and Granbury will stream it too.  Click HERE for all the locations.

It's not a live show, but if you're like me, you probably go to a live event and watch the video screens anyway.  The big screen at Dallas Cowboy games is so big we can't help but watch it, and even at church, I find myself watching the video screens even though I'm in the front row and the pastor is standing right in front of me.  If Jon Bon Jovi were in my face I would probably tell him to get out of the way because he was blocking my view of the screen.  We're losing our minds!  And this concert will be the perfect stress reliever.

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