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You time.

Okay, I'm just kidding about girls getting ready for lots of YOU time during hunting season. I know plenty of female hunters. Then again, I know lots of females who will have time on their hands during hunting season as well.

Here are the hunting start dates we need to know.

According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife website, the 2021-2022 fall hunting season is right around the corner. Here is the A to Z of hunting season for Victoria County. Well, it's the A to W hunting season specifically.

Mark your calendars for these dates if you hunt and even if you don't! 

Mark your calendars if you are a hunter and even if you aren't. That way if you're not a hunter you'll know when to schedule your spa days. Wink.

A to W start date for hunting in Victoria County

Alligator season starts Sept. 10th through the 30th, 2021.

Dove season begins Sept. 14 through Oct. 31, 2021, and then again on Dec. 17, 2021, through Jan. 21, 2022.

Duck season starts Nov. 6th through the 28, 2021, and then again, Dec. 11, 2021 through Jan. 30, 2022.

Goose season for light and dark geese is Nov. 6, 2021 through Jan. 30, 2022

Javelina season begins Oct. 1st, 2021 and lasts through Feb. 27, 2022.

Quail hunting starts Oct. 30, 2021, and lasts through Feb. 27, 2022.

White Tail Deer season for archery only begins on Oct. 2 through Nov. 5, 2021. The general season starts Nov. 6th, 2021 through Jan. 2nd, 2022.

You can check out the entire hunting season along with the details you need to know about the specifics and the number of animals you can hunt right on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department online here.

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