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Take Our Survey: What Roads Need The Most Repair In Victoria

If you've driven in Victoria for as long as I have, you know that road repair for some of our roads is a big community concern. Unfortunately, it seems like roads with aging infrastructure are always a hot topic for city government and community members no matter where you live.

In the Victoria Advocate today there is an entire article dedicated to the current road repair happing in Edna, which, according to the article title, has been decades in the making. My mother lives in Louisiana and if you've ever traveled by car to La from Texas, you know you can literally tell when you've crossed the state line. Lousiana roads are that bad, which might offer some perspective.

How many streets are in Victoria and how many need repair?

According to the city's Residential Street Improvement Plan, the City of Victoria has over 246 miles of residential streets compared to 30 miles of arterial streets and 38.5 miles of collector streets. You can look at one of the City of Victoria's Residential Street Improvement Plans here.

Road repair is a known issue for whoever takes the next seat as mayor of Victoria. In a recent article we covered last week featuring our three mayoral candidates, which you can view below, Victoria street repair was a priority topic.

Take our survey below and let us know what you think.

If you see a pothole that needs repair, there is actually a pothole repair hotline for our community. Just dial 361-485-3160 to report it.

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