This crazy huge event is a national import car show and race series that travels the country. Every year racers and car enthusiast bring their best, whether it is to get their track time down and beat the car next to them, or just to spectate.

Honestly, this event is so jam-packed full of fun that the party starts even before you get to the track. Car enthusiast groups coordinate meet up spots and cruise to the track as a whole big pack of imports prowling the streets. You're bound to see this showing up on your social feeds soon if you like checking out these kinds of events.

Can you just imagine being in a normal car driving to sonic and seeing 30 straight-up racecar status imports passing you by one by one? Like, I’d wanna be apart of that group. Let me just blend in my Prius real quick. Honestly, it's the best type of vibe.

Once you actually make it to the track, the real fun begins. If you brought your car and wanna run the strip, then buckle up buttercup and get ready for a whole different level of fun.




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Wow at the baby hauler in the right lane! Updated schedule (subject to change) 10/25 - Tucson, AZ 10/25 - Rockingham, NC (Charlotte area) 11/1 - Gainesville, FL 11/8 - Baytown, TX (Houston area) 11/15 - Baton Rouge, LA 11/22 - Bakersfield, CA 12/6 - Ennis, TX (Dallas area) 12/13 - Las Vegas, NV 1/24/21- Chandler, AZ (Phoenix area) 2/7 - Gainesville, FL 2/21 - Bakersfield, CA 2/28 - Baytown, TX (Houston area) 3/7 - Ennis, TX (Dallas area) 3/7 - Tucson, AZ 3/14 - Palm Beach, FL 3/14 - Las Vegas, NV 3/21 - Noble, OK (OKC area) 3/21 - Rising Sun, MD 3/28 - Atco, NJ 4/11 - Rockingham, NC (Charlotte area) 4/11 - Madison, IL (St. Louis area) 4/18 - Hebron, OH (Columbus area) 4/25 - Belle Rose, LA 4/25 - Topeka, KS 5/2 - Morocco, IN (Chicago area) 5/16 - Epping, NH (Boston area) 5/23 - Kent, WA (Seattle area) ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #mitsubishi #eclipse #dsm #2g #dsmsociety #dsmgram #dsmnation #loweredlifestyle #stancenation #carbonetics #carbonfiber #visracing #yonakamotorsports #static #turbo #boosted #turbo420a #fic #modernperformance A post shared by Import Face Off (@importfaceoffofficial) on

If you don't plan on redlining your car that day, no worries, there are still so many things to do. There is plenty of seating available to sit and watch everyone run their car as fast as they can. The variety of imports on the track that day will be massive, from little tiny Honda Civics to the Big Meaty Nissan GT-R. First of all, the entire parking lot will be JAM PACK FULL.

Tons of these cars have made the extra effort to make sure their vehicle is car show ready, and for a good reason. This parking lot full of imports is just one big massive car meet. You can walk around, take photos, meet new people, and just admire all the cars.

If you feel like your car is pretty rad, go ahead and enter it in the actual car show.

Import Face-Off hosts a car show that scores cars based on a variety of different qualities. There is a category for almost every vehicle, from imports and domestics to the best female-driven car. So go ahead and enter, you know you wanna.

This weekend at Houston Raceway Park is going to be a hit, so don't miss out because Import Face-Off only comes to Texas a very few times a year. Grab your jacket drop a gear, and let that adrenaline flow this weekend at the track.

If you like what you see and are interested in tickets you can find out more info here. 

For more information about this event visit the Import Face-Off website.

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