2011 was the last time that the Texas Longhorns and the A&M Aggies faced each other on the football field, and it looks like the old rivalry may resume in the near future.

At A&M, the Student Senate unanimously voted to add a question to a student poll asking if they support reinstating the annual non-conference game to the football schedule. That poll will be taken next week (Feb. 21). Meanwhile, the Presidents of both UT and A&M said in a recent interview that they are in favor of bringing the game back. Only time will tell if the rivalry game does come back, but it appears that it's inevitable.

In the past, the game was a Thanksgiving weekend tradition, but that changed when the Aggies moved from the Big 12 to the SEC, which caused scheduling issues.

The TexasLonghorns lead the storied rivalry by a large margin,  76-37-5.


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