Over the weekend, Jay Perez performed at Fiesta's Tejano Explosion in front of a huge crowd!  Just another example that Tejano ain't dead nor has it ever been dead. Right now, there appears to be a 'resurgence' in the Tejano Genre.  KLUB Tejano launched on January 11th of this year and last month San Antonio also launched a new Tejano station as well.

Tejano radio still matters in the Tejano Genre. Tejano radio also educates our listeners on brand new artists and new music, and believe me, there is a plethora of new Tejano talent out there.  It's time for the next generation in Tejano music to take over. We must remember, before they were the giants known as La Mafia, Mazz, and Jay Perez, they were also new artists. So let us enjoy the artists that made Tejano what it is today. Let us also enjoy the Tejano music from the future stars in the industry.

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Jay Perez Facebook
Jay Perez Facebook

Jay posted...

And This!!!! My peeps...Is what a sea of Fans look like. The love San Anto showed us last night at Tejano Explosion was Siiiiick!!!! Click to read the full post.

Jay Perez and the Band will be making a stop at Schroeder Hall on Friday, April 29th. Get your tickets now by clicking here. You can also score some tickets by listening to the all-new KLUB Tejano 106.9! This Friday night at Schroeder is the South Texas Homies, get tickets!

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