These next two days will be long and incredible for all of us at Townsquare Media, St.Jude and Klean Corp International. From the moment we wake up our thoughts and hearts will be with St. Jude and the children who need our help.

Thursday, November 12th, and Friday, November 13th, our Townsquare Stations will be banding together with artists, children, families, doctors, volunteers, Klean Corp International, donors, and YOU to raise desperately needed funding for children who are battling cancer.

At St. Jude, families are able to focus only on saving the lives of their children, while St. Jude and donors cover the research, treatment, lodging, and food for families during their child's stay at St.Jude's.

It costs $2.8 million a day to operate St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, yet patient families never receive a bill and this is ALL because of donors like you. 

There is no such thing as a small donation to St. Jude.

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"Our donors make this seemingly impossible math work, through their contributions and fundraising efforts. Meet these people who hold St. Jude's mission dear and help make all the life-saving research and treatment possible," St. Jude offers.

The care provided at St. Jude means everything to the children and the families they serve. We want to be a part of this, we know you do too.

They won't stop and We Won't Stop either.

When actor Danny Thomas first opened St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in 1962, the survival rate for childhood cancer was just 20 percent. It's incredible to note, 50 years later, thanks to research, doctors, treatment, and donors like those at St.Jude,  that survival rate is now 80 percent. And still today, St. Jude won't rest until it's 100 percent. #StJudeWontStop

" We won't stop until no child dies from cancer," St. Jude offers.

Please join us starting tomorrow for our annual St. Jude Radiothon. Thank you to Klean Corp. International and listeners like you for helping to make our 2020 campaign bigger and better than ever before. Children with cancer are depending on us.

If you'd like to make a donation now, please click the St.Jude link here.

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