Ray Perez of San Antonio and his girlfriend Elizabeth were running errands ahead of his mom's birthday celebration over the weekend.  Little did they know that a last-minute decision to turn into a corner store would make a memory of a lifetime for his mom.   As they were shopping in the store, Ray noticed Mike and Lee from Los Desperadoz, who he has been a big fan of for a long time.  They chatted for a little bit and then when on their way.

It was at that point, that Ray felt he missed an opportunity to ask the band for a favor to come sing a couple of songs for his mom's birthday.  Ray and Elizabeth reached out to Los Depserodoz via social media and got a response from the sister of Mike and Lee. After a few messages, an arrangement was set to have Mike and Lee show up to surprise his mom. BTW, this all happened in the span of one day.  Ray feels that this was all the work of God for all these random things that happened that led to a chance meeting with Mike and Lee.  What a wonderful moment for 79-year-old, Elvira Villarreal Perez

This was also a special moment for Ray and their family as well. They lost their dad to liver cancer in May of 2021. This was the main reason that he wanted to make this birthday special for his mom. . Elvira lost her husband and 2 brothers all in the same year last. 'She's a strong woman and is the glue that keeps our family together' Perez added.  What a wonderful memory for this family!   The video is courtesy of Ray's Youtube Page DJTHROWBACK210.


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