What's the recipe for some of history's nastiest rock feuds? Take talented, outspoken and occasionally emotionally sensitive artists, then pit them against each other – in a competition that can't possibly be measured in any objective way – for the hearts and wallets of the record- and ticket-buying public.

Whether they disagree on political matters, argue about who fired who or who's the better singer, disagree about what makes a live performance worth paying for, or even engage in shady multi-million dollar business deals behind each other's backs, you're bound to get some good headlines.

In a pair of cases, the feuds have been between former touring partners, while other just appear to be random shots that were fired in the press. There are even a couple more that had their battles played out in song, and another two that waged between members of band vying for space on the charts. And then there's another where the combatants had previously been married to the same woman. Some of them have been resolved, but others remain raw.

We've rounded up the stories behind some of the nastiest rock feuds ever. For the most part, we're staying away from intra-band arguments – except a couple of stories where lingering resentment had still been festering decades later. OK, ring the bell!

Nastiest Rock Feuds

Some of them have been resolved, but others remain raw.

The Best Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young Fight Stories

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