Recent revelations shed light on the mysterious deaths of Savanah Soto and her boyfriend, Matthew Guerra, discovered lifeless in a vehicle on Tuesday afternoon. The unfolding details provide context to the initial vagueness surrounding the investigation.


Justice For Savanah Soto
Justice For Savanah Soto

According to insider sources, San Antonio Police found neither a firearm nor Matthew Guerra's cellphone in the vehicle where the couple met their tragic end. Disturbingly, Guerra's lifeless body was located in the backseat, while Soto, pregnant and expectant, occupied the front passenger's seat with a child carrier on her lap.


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The Guerra family, devastated by the loss, expressed frustrations over their attempts to locate the couple. Gabriel and Raquel Guerra, Matthew's father and stepmother, detailed their growing panic as they unsuccessfully tried to contact the expectant parents on the day Soto was scheduled for induction.

The couple's attempts to file missing reports with law enforcement faced hurdles due to jurisdictional complexities. Soto's family contacted San Antonio Police, while the Guerras, residing in Bexar County, were directed to the Bexar County Sheriff's Office. Eventually, the missing persons report had to be filed with the Leon Valley Police Department, as the couple lived in Leon Valley.


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The family's anxiety heightened as they encountered delays in consolidating information from multiple agencies into a unified report. Daniel Guerra, Matthew's father, even raced to his son's apartment, kicking in the door when his calls went unanswered. To his relief, the apartment appeared undisturbed, but the ominous absence of the couple raised grave concerns.

In a heartbreaking turn of events, a Leon Valley Police Department Detective reportedly dismissed urgent requests for location data, citing the absence of exigent circumstances. The family's plea for urgency, given the overdue status of the baby, was met with indifference, leaving them grappling with the devastating outcome.

The family seeks answers, grappling with the incomprehensible act of violence against a pregnant woman, and yearns for justice to prevail in the wake of this heart-wrenching ordeal.

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