It's time to add to my list of the Best Tejano Albums of all time. I started with the first live album from Mazz. "Una Noche Juntos: Live.' was recorded at Rosedale Park back in the '90s and is absolutely EPIC. Next on my list: Is the Self-titled album from La Diferenzia.

When this album dropped back in 1994, Ricardo Castillon Y La Diferenzia took over the airwaves. I have always said that Ricardo Castellon has had one of the best voices in Tejano music and back in 1994 is when people took notice.  It was La Diferenzia's self-titled debut release from Arista - Texas.  Two of the singles from that album still live on as Tejano classics: 'Linda Chaparrita,' and 'Si Lo Quieres.' However, the entire album is absolutely fantastic. Even on the slower tracks on this album, you hear an amazing vocal range of Ricardo. Castillon's voice alongside the awesome arrangement of music and final produced products. Makes this one of my personal favorite Tejano albums of all time.  The article photo is from my personal CD collection.

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1 Si Lo Quieres
2 Linda Chaparita
3 Para Siempre 4:07
4 Dime Que Sí
5 Anoche Soñé Contigo
6 Tu Eres
7 Preso En Tus Llamas 3:34
8 Alguien Especial 3:28
9 Fue Amor 3:20
10 ¿Qué Puedo Hacer?

La Diferenzia's follow up album  'Fue Mucho Que Mas Amor,' also under Arista Texas also did very well for La Diferenzia. Ricardo Y La Diferenzia continue to tour and will be making stop in Victoria soon.  Do you own any of the original CD's or Cassettes from La Diferenzia?

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