While heavy rains and strong winds did push through the Crossroads on Wednesday we lucked out and missed some of the severe storms that had been in the forecast, but not by much.  Severe winds blew through Texas City Wednesday night. Officials are investigating whether a tornado blew through the city, causing damage to the area.


Radar predicted severe weather in the area, and a tornado warning was issued Wednesday evening.

According to Texas-New Mexico Power, the storm knocked out power for about 3,000 homes and businesses in Texas City.  One store suffered severe damage. The Grab-N-Go in Texas City can be seen ripped right open. The business sustained structural damage; photos reveal a shaky looking frame. Reporters on the scene said cement blocks from the building were thrown everywhere. The entire street is currently blocked off from traffic.

Another store had its roof completely ripped right off its top. According to the Texas City Police Department, no one was injured.

School was also delayed due to the storm. ABC13 reported that at least two schools delayed or canceled Thursday classes as damage from the storm continued to be cleared.

Texas is no stranger to severe storms or tornados. Texas has seen some pretty nasty weather. As far as tornados go, the last f5 tornado that has run through Texas was back in 1997. This particular tornado has landed on the top ten worst tornados in Texas.  

On May 27, 1997, in Jarrell, Texas, an f5 tornado formed, killing 27 people (injuring 12 more) and hundreds of cattle. More than 40 homes were completely destroyed, some of which were completely removed from their foundations. Fortunately for the Crossroads, there are not typically life-threatening tornados passing through. However, it is always a good idea to be prepared for the situation. Knowing where to shelter and having a safety kit with water, first aid, flashlight, and other necessities, is always essential. For more information on how to keep yourself safe, visit the CDC site.

Big thanks to Alex Salinas for her contribution to this piece.

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