The National Weather Service has issued a Severe Thunderstorm Watch until 8 pm this evening for 7 counties in South Texas.

Severe weather is expected to be isolated this afternoon with strong winds and hail being the main threats.



Thursday will remain soggy as well in South Texas as additional heavy rains and thunderstorms may continue to develop throughout the day. There is also a slight to moderate risk of rip currents on our Texas beaches today and tomorrow.

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Some adjacent coastal waterways are also included in today's Thunderstorm Watch. Coastal waters from Port Aransas to Matagorda Channel could see storm activity that may impact ships up to 20 nautical miles out.

Storm chances remain high until about 8 to 10 pm this evening. Low temperatures will remain around 70 degrees overnight with another round of heavy thunderstorms kicking in late in the day on Thursday. Stay tuned to our station for the latest weather info impacting Victoria and the Crossroads and we'll pass along any storm updates that you need to know about right here.

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