February is almost underway and that means that severe weather season is getting closer to all of us who live here in the crossroads.

Crossroadstoday.com reports that the city of Victoria is already getting prepared. The Office of Emergency Management's 2020 Training Series will host members of the National Weather Service from Corpus Christi on Wednesday, February 5th. This session is open to anyone interested in SkyWarn/Storm Spotter training. The training session will run from 5:30 to 7:00 PM.

Anyone who is interested will be working alongside other volunteers from police departments, fire personnel, first responders, and even members of the public utility works. Some volunteers are just private citizens who want to help. If your business, school, church group or organization wants to be a part of helping others this is the perfect opportunity. Share this information with anyone who may be interested in the training.

The class offers an introduction to the following areas:

  • Thunderstorm development
  • Storm structure
  • How to spot severe weather features
  • How to report information
  • Severe weather safety

To register for the training at Victoria OEM on February 5th, click here and sign up.

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