Victoria Parks and Rec are inviting the Crossroads out for a night of camping and a movie under the stars at Riverside Park on April 17th. 

The movie will be shown at Grover's Bend at Riverside Park which is at 401 McCright Drive.

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You can arrive anytime after 2:30 pm to pitch your tent and get your campsite all set for the evening. The film will start at 8 pm. Hotdogs and s'mores will be served during the showing of the movie "The Little Rascals". The film released back in 1994 is a throwback to the original "Little Rascals" films.

If you would like to attend the event, Parks and Rec would like you to stop by the event page on social media and click that you are interested in attending so that they know how much food to prepare. You can find that event page here:

Need a tent for the night? Parks and Rec can help you with that as well! They have a limited number of tents available to rent for the night that requires a refundable $25 deposit.

If you just want to bring some lawn chairs and a blanket to come and enjoy the movie night there is no cost to do so. The event is free to the public.

You might want to remember to pack a flashlight or two (or use your phone) and maybe some bug repellent. The Mosquitoes will be coming for those s'mores. If you do plan on camping, Parks and Rec will have an official "lights out" time after the movie ends.

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