It's that timer of year again, hot, dry weather is here. City of Victoria officials noting that Guadalupe River flow is below normal, have begun a Stage One Drought Contingency Plan which asks residents to voluntarily conserve water.

The plan calls for reducing the use of water for 'non-essential' uses. This means residents should water their lawns only when necessary, like when it turns a dull gray-green or if footprints remain visible. Water your lawn only early morning or late evening to reduce evaporation. Use sprinklers that produce large drops of water compared to a fine mist to avoid evaporation. If you use soaker hoses, turn them so that the oles are on the bottom. Water slowly, and avoid watering on windy days. Avoid watering streets or sidewalks.Do not over water. Raise the cutting height on your lawnmower as longer blades of grass help shade the roots and help make the grass more drought resistant.

Officials say the plan will remain in effect until the Guadalupe River flow is back to normal for a full 2 weeks. If the river level drops to it's designated minimum level, Stage Two of the Drought Contingency Plan will be enacted.

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