A South Texas Tragedy

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A tragedy happened overnight for one family in Houston. 15 year old was doing something she did regularly, taking her dog out for a walk. Diamond Alvarez went out around 8 pm Tuesday night to walk her dog, however, her family noticed she had not returned home.

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Anna Machado, Diamond's mother, received a call from her brother asking her to call Diamond because he had just heard gunshots in the area. She attempted to call her daughter's phone, but there was no answer. It was only moments later, the family dog Peanut came running through the door alone. Her step-father told KPRC 2, "We knew when he came back on his own, something was wrong."

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Houston Police were called and Diamond Alvarez was found dead on the scene. Police say the teenager was shot 22 times, a horrific detail to discover.

Traumatic Situation

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Horrifically her mother mentioned, "I tried CPR but I couldn't bring her back." That is something no parent ever wants to see or go through.

Friends and Family Mourn

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There have been no arrests or suspects. The parents and family of Diamond are waiting for answers as they continue to mourn. Her step-father spoke to KPRC 2 about everything and admitted, "I have no more tears, this is bad."

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Classmates, friends, and family have begun to display a memorial with candles, stuffed animals, and flowers where the tragedy occurred. One friend sobbed and reflected on the situation, "It's just sad you know how in seconds anybody can be gone."

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