At 59, I hope I'm simply able to run home for lunch if I need to. Don Muchow, however, set his sights much higher.

He came up with the Mouse2Mouse Challange back in February of 2020. Don was already on the move when the coronavirus pandemic began to close down the country, and he managed to run all the way from Newport Beach, California to Tarzan, Texas by the end of March of last year.

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Sadly, while Don was on the road approaching Texas when he found out his father's health was failing. Don stopped to spend time with him before he passed away. Several months went by as the state and much of the country closed down to attempt to slow the spread of the virus. Finishing the Mouse2Mouse challenge was always in the back of Don's mind. Running from California to Texas is pretty amazing by itself, but back on March 2nd of 2021, Don hit the road again. He finished the journey arriving in Orlando, Florida this past Wednesday. Amazing!

The video footage is amazing. Look at the people applauding Don as he makes his way through Disney's Magic Kingdom just steps away from his goal. What a touching finish.

After making it through the park, Don actually decided to keep going. In an almost 'Forrest Gump' like moment, Don decided he wanted the run to end at the Atlantic Ocean so that he could say he started on the beach in Newport looking at the Pacific and ended up looking at the Atlantic. In a story shared by Fox News, Don shared several of the photos taken during his trip. You can find them here. 

It helps to see some of the inspired acts that are still happening every day in our great country. Don has made everyone here in Texas very proud.


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