This past Christmas there is no denying the hottest toy of the year was the coveted "Hatchimals".  People were lined up for hours to get their hands on one and they sold out at retailers all over the country.  Some even going on Ebay in upwords of $1,000.

Well for as hard as they had to work to get the toy, some parent are crying "foul" (total pun intended).  Parents claim not only do some of them not hatch (I'd be pissed too because let's face it....hatch is part of the name) but they also claim that the ones that do dirty in their sleep.  Yes, you read that right.

Below is a video from YouTube of one of the alleged foul mouthed toys.  Some parents claim the toy utters the phrase "F**k me" in it's sleep.  You be the judge.  Personally, I don't hear it but then again, I'm probably not the one to ask if a toy curses too much....have you heard me talk?

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