Last Tuesday we had the chance to interview, Anthony Trevino, the accordionist for the South Texas Homies right before debuting the title track from their new album 'Una Promesa.' What a great song. puro So Tex Homies! Little did we know how huge the response would be!  According to a Facebook post by the M Group Facebook page on Tuesday, May 31st.  We are so proud! South TX Homies taking the #1 spot on the Apple Music iTunes Musica Mexicana chart!!! Thank you to everyone who has purchased it as it’s only been out for 2 days! If you haven’t, download it now as we know you will love it! Accompanied by the picture for proof! The really cool thing is that the South Texas Homies are beating names such as Grupo Firme, Vicente Fernandez, Ariel Camacho, and Bronco. They even placed above the latest album release from Grupo Siggno! Another absolute banger. 

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The album is an absolute banger and includes a single you have already heard on the radio, which is their smash hit 'Por Fin Dicidi.' The South Texas Homies are currently trending upwards with big-time moves. A Grammy nomination, a new label, a new booking agency, and a website launch. In a recent interview with Anthony, I asked was the one thing that really put this thing in overdrive for the South Texas Homies.  His response was COVID!

He further explains 'It was devastating to a lot of people and I even lost some family members and friends and it was a terrible time.'  He adds, 'however this was a time when people really had not much else to do but listen to music. Starting with the release of 'It's Time,' Facebook lives and virtual performances and that is where this momentum started!' I will replay this interview with Anthony in its entirety tomorrow, Friday, June 3rd at 12:40 during the lunchtime show.  Congratulations to the South Texas Homies, Anthony, Luis, Andrew, Javi, Alex, Teddy, Lex, and the man behind the scenes: Richard Rosales!!


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