In a video that has gone viral from the Seguin Police Department.  Officer Soto was patrolling and heard music playing, however, instead of shutting it down, he joined the fun. The cops pull up to a house party and in true Mexican fashion, there is a whole band set up in the front yard jamming Tejano music. What does officer Soto do? He picks up an accordion and joins in on the Bobby Pulido mega-hit  "Desvelado." Check out the video footage below. Thank you for your service, Officer Soto, and thank you for being Tejano and proud!


Social Media is a wonderful platform for Tejanos. From us old heads using Facebook and Instagram to the new school, TikTok, Tejano has an amazing platform to showcase up-and-coming talent such as the Ybarra Boyz. With this popularity, the Ybarra Boyz made their Tejano Music Awards debut this past weekend at Fan Fare.

After many videos have gone viral of the 9 and 11-year-old Ybarra brothers. They found their way into a recording studio. As reported by Romeo from Tejano Nation Nights, The debut single by Ybarra Boyz, a brother duo from McAllen, gained thousands of views for their TikTok videos sharing a passion for Tejano and Conjunto music, which was released by MAR Records. “TYB Special” is a collaboration with members of Los Chamacos honoring Conjunto legends with the instrumental medley.


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