Texas is known for having some crazy town names.  So, our hungry research staff decided to dive deeper and put together a list ones that you can actually eat.  Here's a list of the top seven tastiest (edible) Texas town names...

7.  Rice, Texas - A delicious name for this small town in Navarro County.  On the last census, Rice reported a population of 923 people...the exact number of grains in a small bowl of Rice.  Just kidding...but wouldn't that be cool?

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6. Sugarland, Texas - Southwest of Houston, Sugarland is a sweet place to raise a family with plenty of attractions. This affluent neighborhood was the headquarters of Imperial sugar and it's company crown is included on the city seal.

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5. Grapevine, Texas - A suburb of Dallas, Grapevine is located close to Grapevine Lake. And, the town name has inspired many wineries to open in the area.

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4. Pecan Grove, Texas - This tasty community near Richmond is part of Fort Bend County. It also serves as the home of ZZ Top drummer Frank Beard.

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3. Plum, Texas - Plum is best described as "close to La Grange." In the 80's, the tiny but tasty town had a booming population of 280 and had 7 businesses operating. Now, if you blink you miss it, Plum has 95 people and two businesses still operating.

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2. Walnut Springs, Texas - This nutty town in central Texas boasts a population of 827 people. That's pretty good for a town that spans only 1.3 square miles.

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And here's the sweet number one...

1. Honey Grove, Texas - Self-named "The Sweetest Town In Texas," Honey Grove is located in North Texas and has 1688 residents.  FUN FACT: Davy Crockett discovered Honey Grove on his way to join the Texas army in San Antonio.

There you go - there's the list - now who's hungry?!

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