It seems that this is the season for fighting. Just the other day, a fight at Waffle House went viral. Well here is another one from right down the road in Corpus Christ. As reported by KIII in Corpus Christi, a video shows what appears to be an employee getting hit over the head with a glass bottle by a customer during a fight.

Judging from the number on top of the door in the video, this happened at a 7-11 on Ayers St. near the junction of the Crosstown Expressway and SPID in Corpus Christi. This is also near the location of the very first Whataburger to ever open. While the video cannot be found in its entirety, you can find it in the comments of this Facebook status. 

The employee appears to pick up the glass bottle from a display case and swing it at the customer, but after a struggle, the customer ended up smashing the bottle over the employee's head. They continued to physically fight until other customers and what appears to be another convenience store employee got between the two.


According to the article, Corpus Christi police officials said they have identified everyone in the video but no arrests have been made while they investigate who instigated the fight. Officials said the two knew each other and it wasn't random violence. As of now, there is no word on the extent of injuries due to the fight.

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