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COVID-19 has caused so many changes in all our lives over the past year. I can't imagine being someone who lived inside a Nursing Home somewhere in Texas and i wasn't allowed to see my family unless they were on the other side of a window or behind some sheets of plastic. Can you imagine what it's like to not be able to put your arms around a loved one? Especially a senior, who are often the ones who appreciate a good hug the most. All that is about to change for many Nursing Home residents in our state.

For Texas nursing home residents who have been fully vaccinated, they can now begin resuming in-person visits with their family members. This means sons can hug their fathers, moms can now hug their grandkids and great-grandkids again.

TexasTribune reports that a new rule has been announced this week that says Nursing Home residents who have been fully vaccinated may resume in-person visits as long as the facility they are staying in allows the process. This rule change is already in effect. It will also apply to all assisted living centers and other long-term care facilities.

I can remember as a kid back in the Midwest going to see my great grandmother in her nursing home. Not only was she so thrilled we came to visit, so was every other patient up and down the hall. Being a man in my 40's without any grandparents left, there are days I wish I could return to those hallways and see those smiling faces again. I can't imagine what it must have been like to be a nursing home resident anywhere in Texas, or America for that matter, over the past year.

Hug a senior member of your family often if you can, and show some love to a Senior who maybe you don't know if you can. So much truth in the great John Prine title at the top of the page. Even a quick "Hello" can mean so much to these treasured members of our American population. They need us and our support.

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