The population in the Crossroads is aging. According to the Texas Health Care Association, over 15% of the county's population is over 65, and that number will likely double or more by the year 2030, and increase by more than 260% just 20 years after that. Those are staggering figures, and when you consider the fact that our 6 long-term care facilities are already having trouble keeping up with an aging population, that could leave county residents, especially retirees in a world of hurt.

According to a press release from the association, our area facilities are already strained because of a lack of funding, which translates to staff cuts, low wages for workers resulting in high turnover rates, and inadequate care for seniors.

As Baby Boomers age and retire, that puts a greater strain on facilities statewide, and the report from the agency asks lawmakers to act before this serious problem becomes even more critical. According to the report, Texas nursing homes have one of the lowest Medicaid reimbursement rates in the nation, falling nearly $10,000 short per Medicaid resident per year, and over two-thirds of residents in Texas nursing homes depend on Medicaid after their savings are depleted paying for care.

The full report is available here.

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