Take a minute to really think about this.

We have a chance to recognize a Victorian who embodies the spirit of community as the namesake for Frank Pain's Ride for Change education, advocate, and scholarship mission.

After taking a long look in the mirror, Frank Pain felt he needed to make a change.

Spending the last few months watching the nation while taking a long look at himself, Frank, a DJ and Operations Manager for Town Square Media, decided to take a few weeks to ride through Texas and Oklahoma to advocate for change.

His mission became to raise money for minority scholarships.

Our community can participate in the Ride for Change by donating to the scholarship funds, but also by coming together to decide who the scholarship itself will be named in honor of.

Who do you think in Victoria embodies the spirit of the community? A front runner of course would be Brother Gary Moses and the Murphy's of Chic-Fil-A also come to mind. With that being said, there are hundreds of community members who work the front lines as well as those who work behind the scenes for our community and we want to hear about ALL of them. We even want to hear about historical figures who helped shape Victoria into what it is today.

Who should we name the scholarship after?

Ultimately it will be up to our listeners to decide and until then, we'd love to recognize as many community members as we can before you vote on the final namesake.

But first things first, we will need donors so while your thinking of who we should name the scholarship after, consider making a donation too. Donations of any amount are accepted and 100 percent of the money raised in the Crossroads will go to minority scholarships in the Crossroads.

Here is Frank Pain to offer his thoughts on his inspiration for the Ride for Change mission.

Who do you think embodies the spirit of our Crossroads community? Fill out the quick form below to nominate the namesake for the Ride for Change scholarship.

Here is where you can donate to the button below.

If you'd like to ride with Frank at any time during the Ride for Change mission just complete this waiver below.

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