When I was growing up, arcades were a fabric of our childhood. I had Tilt and Aladdin's Castle and a little before my time was a place called Goldmine. I will take it one further, my Friday nights in Jr High and High School had me at the skating rink. Where I would spend more than half of my night playing 'Street Fighter 2.'  It was like you saw a video game in almost every convenience store that you walked in, Just like there used to be payphones at every corner store as well.  Who remembers those days? I sure do miss them.  I just found a place that brings back those arcade vibes.

Over the weekend my son and I found a place in Corpus Christi that took me to my happy place. Located on a side street in Corpus Christi is Quasar's Arcade and it's like walking into a time machine. IT had so many games that brought back so many memories. Check out a few of the games I played: Galaga, NBA Jam, Street Fighter 2, Pac-Man, and of course you can't forget pinball.   It was awesome!  Check the throwback vibe this place will bring you in the video below. You can also visit the Quasar arcade website.

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@jpthedj Its like walking im to a time machine. A simpler time. #fyp #90skids #90sthrowback #videogames #corpuschristitexas #quasararcade ♬ original sound - jpthedj

While in Corpus we stop at the Trade Center and Freddy's Steakburgers where I enjoyed a triple smash and chili-cheese fries. It's so good and the good news is that Freddy's is coming to Victoria and Port Lavaca in the near future, read more.

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