We're less than a week from that first phenomenon of 6 waterspouts swirling at once off the Gulf of Mexico, and now we have another. Granted, this one is massive and is probably bigger than the 6 combined.

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First, if you missed the 6 waterspouts from last week, you can check out that video here. It's a crazy sight to see as both Tropical Storm Laura and Hurricane Marco swirl closer to the Gulf coast states.

Facebook user Kyle Crouchet, who works as an Offshore Production Operator captured another waterspout on Sunday (August 23) that he considers to be the biggest he's ever seen out there. I've got to agree, that's terrifying. Check out the video below.

With the storms slightly adjusting paths everyday (multiple times a day, really), residents from Texas to Alabama have been bracing to see some impact from one, if not both, storms. Tropical Storm Warnings are in effect for Haiti, Cuba, and the Florida Keys. Meanwhile, a storm surge warning is in effect from Morgan City, LA to Biloxi, MS.

According to KLTV, here in East Texas, we could see off and on showers as early as Tuesday night continuing into Wednesday. Our greatest impact looks to be showers Wednesday and Thursday with the occasional gusty wind.

So it doesn't seem like we need to be running to Walmart and buying out all the toilet paper and batteries. Just be weather aware.

The Atlantic Hurricane Season lasts through the end of November, and we are currently in the peak time of the season. So there's definitely a chance we could see action ramp up in the coming weeks.

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