If you didn't see the show when it was airing, you'll probably be skeptical of the legitimacy of this video. But this is one of those things that you can't even make up. It's classic TV.

Nancy Grace farted during her post-dance interview.

First a "wardrobe malfunction". Now This. Signing on for this show may have been a very bad idea for her.

I would be skeptical of this video, if not for TWO things. There are multiple videos posted on youtube, where people have recorded their TV sets with a camera and the sound is very obvious, even coming from a video of a TV set. The people making the videos usually burst into laughter and rewind it to hear it again. It sounds like a Tuba.

Secondly, watch reaction of her dance partner. It was slightly delayed after the sound. But it's definitely an "Oh my God, that stinks" kind of reaction.

Judge for yourself. Watch the video here.

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