Whether you're a Victoria native or just moved to the Crossroads yesterday, you know the name Gary Moses, or more pointedly, Brother Gary Moses.

Brother Gary Moses has dedicated his life to represent all of the good in our community, beginning with making education in Victoria a career dedicating 37 years as a middle school American and Texas History teacher for 7th and 8th graders at Patti Welder.

Known for his genuine kindness as he makes his way through community and private events promoting philanthropy, love, and community, Brother Gary Moses earned his name by making EVERYONE feel like they were related to him, a literal brother.

The funny thing is, growing up Gary was extremely shy. He will tell you with absolute candor that until he became a teacher he was content to be in the back of any room or event standing quietly against a wall. Never, in a million years, would he have guessed as time went on he would find himself on stage most often with a microphone in his hand as Victoria's most popular MC. And the most incredible thing is that he volunteers almost all of his time.

He will be the first to say he would do "Anything for kids and education in the community." And it's with knowing his heart that Victorians OVERWHELMINGLY nominated Brother Gary Moses as the benefactor of the upcoming Ride for Change Scholarships.

100 percent of the money raised for the Brother Gary Moses Ride for Change Scholarship (s) will go to minority scholarships in the Victoria community.

Brother Gary Moses will be on hand to congratulate and present the scholarship recipients to the winners alongside Townsquare Media representative Frank Pain who spearheaded the Ride for Change as he made his way through Texas educating citizens on the need for change and minority scholarship dollars.

If you are moved to donate to the Brother Gary Moses Ride for Change Scholarship, please consider donating to the scholarship by contributing to the Go Fund Me account here. Remember 100 percent of the money raised in Victoria will go to Victoria minority students.

Just click the link below in blue to donate.

The scholarship criteria will be winning essays written by minority students. More information on the scholarship criteria to come soon.

Here is the "why" behind the Ride for Change by Frank Pain.

To learn about our dear Brother Gary Moses, watch this full-length interview from South Bridge Street Live.

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Thank you Crossroads for your support of the Brother Gary Moses Ride for Change Scholarships! Thank you for nominating Brother Gary Moses as the namesake benefactor as well. He was VERY honored. 

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