Breaking out in the early 90's, Chris Duarte made a huge impact with his style of blues-based rock, often compared to Stevie Ray Vaughan. His music has evolved over the years, and he constantly tours typically playing over 6 months out of the year. We were very fortunate to have him play several different times in the Crossroads, and he was tremendous every single time. We were also very fortunate to have him hang out here at the station on different occasions for interviews and live in-studio performances. He is one of the most laid-back, humble, coolest musicians I have ever met.  We got this post on our Facebook page about a theft of his gear in Austin. Maybe someone will see this and can help. What follows is the complete post.

It is with heavy heart that I have to report that Chris's van was broken into Friday night Aug. 25th and his Gold Sparkle XS-1 was stolen. Also stolen was Beth Lee's hand-built custom Fender copy Tweed 1 x 12" speaker. The amp has reverb in it as well as a master volume. The most distinguishing characteristic of my Gold guitar XS-1 is the headstock is the same color as the body. Serial #156.
Please everybody keep an eye out for these items. My Gold guitar was my #1 Xotic guitar, or my 'go-to' guitar. Beth's amp was special to her too. I am devastated by it's theft because it was in my possession at the time it was taken. If someone steals my stuff that's one thing but when it's a friend's stuff you were looking out after, well that hurts even more.
I have been checking in on Craig's List from time to time to see if it pops up and I have also filed a theft report with the Austin Police Dept.
Just please everybody keep an eye out for these two items. I would really like to see Beth get her amp back and see the thieves that stole our stuff do their time.
Thank you - chris duarte

CDGAdmins: you can contact us (admin@duarte.rocks) or Chris directly (chris@duarte.rocks) if you happen to see/hear anything. Chris' van was broken into in the Austin, TX area.
APB, BOLO! All Points Bulletin, Be on the lookout.

Here's some great video of Chris and his band.

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